Theories: Why are aliens so obsessed with Earth?

They were called incarnate demons and they were studied by secret scientific institutions using advanced technologies.

Some believe they are coming to save us and some don’t believe in them at all. But surely you have seen them by looking at the night sky, because they live in one of the visible star systems.

Even the ancient Indian Vedas and Puranas, written many thousands of years ago, describe in detail those well-developed living creatures that come to Earth with the help of vimanas – their spaceships. Our galaxy would have the shape of an egg.

It consists of 14 planetary systems – 7 upper and 7 lower. According to this concept, our Earth belongs to the middle planetary system. This means that she is the superior planet among the inferior planets.

Or perhaps the lowest of the upper ones, depending on which point of view one prefers. All we see in the sky are the superior celestial bodies.

So why on earth do they bother to come all the way here to Earth? According to UFO researchers, in addition to collecting probes from Earth’s soil and various herbal medicines for medical purposes, the extraterrestrials seek permission from human women to keep their children.

These children would live longer, feel better in general, and do better in life than others. However, rumors are circulating that thousands of earthlings are being abducted and taken to an undisclosed location. Very few return afterwards, most with erased memories and others with signs of mental illness.

The most radical enthusiasts claim that there are no more natural earthlings. We are all modified aliens.

Some representatives of the higher planets who decide to visit the Earth are very intelligent and have beautiful skin, which gives them a certain resemblance to humans.

Nevertheless, they are most certainly cold like amphibians. They are unable to experience human emotions and show feelings to their children.

These aliens are themselves on the verge of extinction because they cannot produce healthy and vital offspring. In order to uncover the secret of earthlings’ survival, the aliens capture pregnant women and study the development of their fetuses or come into sexual contact with humans in order to obtain long-lasting offspring from the mixture.

It is no coincidence that our planet arouses such interest among extraterrestrial delegates. It is believed that the Earth is located on the universal axis.

According to the various Vedic descriptions, inside this axis is a passage leading to the spiritual world, an eternal and indestructible world.

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