New Theory Says Aliens Could Colonize Galaxy Without Spaceships

The search for signs of extraterrestrial civilizations is one of the main tasks that space researchers set for themselves and their colleagues.

So far, not a single such sign has been found, so scientists have to settle for theories. Recently, Russian researcher Irina K. Romanovskaya suggested that extraterrestrial civilizations could colonize the galaxy without having spaceships.

According to this theory, extraterrestrial civilizations can use the so-called “floating” planets – celestial objects whose mass is planetary in nature, but which are not connected by gravity to any of the stars.

The researchers note that creating a huge spacecraft capable of carrying everything the crew needs in the right volumes is an incredibly expensive undertaking, which can take many years to achieve.

The orphan planets could have everything necessary for the existence of interstellar travelers. This is why scientists should turn their attention to floating planets.

But it is far from certain that such a celestial object will be close to us in the near future. Therefore, it will not be possible to test the effectiveness of this theory anytime soon

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