Jane Lynch on UFO ‘evidence’: ‘We are not alone’

Jane Lynch is fascinated by the subject of extraterrestrial life.

“Believe or don’t believe, there is evidence,” the “Glee” alum told Page Six exclusively Friday at the 88th Annual Drama League Awards.

Lynch, 61, shared that her “Funny Girl” co-star Ramin Karimloo “bought me two big books that I dug myself into,” adding, “Yeah, I think it’s fascinating. We are not alone. »

Don’t go telling people the actress believes in aliens, though.

“I don’t use the word ‘believe’, ever, because that’s stupid. Who cares what you believe? What do you know? she explained. “So I’m interested. Let’s say it. I am obligated. »

Lynch hasn’t revealed whether his wife, screenwriter Jennifer Cheyne, shares the same compulsion.

The couple married quietly in a Santa Barbara, Calif., courthouse last year.

“We were married before we got married, so it’s just a piece of paper,” the “Weakest Link” host told us. “’We don’t need a piece of paper from the town hall,’ as Joni Mitchell says, but we got one anyway. »

The two have been together for seven years and previously dated for two years in the early 2000s.

“We know each other very well,” gushed Lynch, who was previously married to clinical psychologist Lara Embry . “We raised several dogs together, and now we are together forever. Our story is not interesting. They are two very nice people who love each other”.

Other Broadway stars in attendance at Friday’s luncheon, which took place at the Ziegfeld Ballroom, included Hugh Jackman, Sutton Foster, Rachel Dratch, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jesse Williams, who only spoke to the crew of the House. No doubt he did not want to answer endless questions about his penis.

Recently, photos and video of 40-year-old Jesse Williams in the revival of the Broadway play “Take Me Out” leaked online, causing a media maelstrom.

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