A saucer was filmed over Cairo, Egypt on May 10, 2022

Date of sighting: May 10, 2022
Location of sighting: Cairo, Egypt
Source: MUFON

Guys, it’s awesome, MUFON is back and reporting today! This video has just arrived. The eyewitness says he did not see the UFO, but only saw it on the camera screen. They were driving in the middle of a thunderstorm when lightning struck and a disc materialized in the sky in front of them. The record becomes clearer with each passing second. Then the video stops. There are some similarities to a possible front windshield reflection causing this, but I don’t think so. Cairo, home of the ancient aliens who built the Great Pyramids, combined with the storm, which revealed the cloaked ship above them. It is also proof that there is an alien base under the great pyramids.

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan

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