Video: Famous British Astronaut Suggests UFOs Could Be Extraterrestrial

A famous British astronaut recently had a rather remarkable opinion on the UFO phenomenon by suggesting that mysterious objects seen by US Navy pilots appear to be extraterrestrial in nature. Colonel Tim Peake became a household name in England after spending more than six months aboard the ISS and during that time made history by becoming the first Briton to perform a spacewalk . Since returning to Earth, the astronaut has appeared on numerous television shows to talk about his experiences and the latest happenings related to space exploration. This is how the subject of UFOs came up when Peake was a guest on Good Morning Britain earlier this week.

When asked what he thought of the considerable amount of discussion about unidentified flying objects currently taking place in the United States, Peake replied, “I think it’s interesting that the United States government has made this public matter,” citing last summer’s Pentagon report on UFOs as well as last month’s congressional hearing on the phenomenon. Observing that the phenomenon is “still very unexplained”, Peake believes that “it is a good thing that discussions are taking place and that this information is made public”. As for what those objects might be, the astronaut provided an answer that likely raised eyebrows among UFO enthusiasts.

“I don’t think it’s a development of a state nation, or a non-state organization. Not at all,” Peake said. “I think when you see the video footage, it’s pretty remarkable. What these machines are capable of seems truly extraordinary. Acknowledging the theory that the objects could be some kind of classified technology, the astronaut dismissed that hypothesis by asking “why would this information be made public, if it was.” Peake also pointed to some particularly fantastic ideas associated with the phenomenon, such as that UFOs are time travelers or possibly robotic craft sent to Earth by extraterrestrials.

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