“I was abducted by reptilian aliens – they injected a substance into my eye and controlled my mind”

Tony Rodrigues was ten years old when he was allegedly abducted from the family home by aliens. He claims he was trapped in a 20-year experiment before being allowed back into his human body.

A man who claims he was abducted by aliens when he was just ten years old has opened up about the invasive procedures he faced at the hands of reptilian alien creatures.

Tony Rodrigues was just a young boy living on a rural farm with his family when he was allegedly taken to an alien bunker.

In the middle of the night, the American remembered strange occurrences, such as the phone ringing and a mysterious bright blue orb floating in his room, before being abducted by reptilian creatures.

Telling his story on the Shaun Attwood Podcast , Tony revealed how this abduction happened, and claimed he embarked on a 20-year journey before he found his body as a 10-year-old.

Tony Rodrigues claims he was abducted by aliens when he was just ten years old (Image: Shaun Attwood/YouTube)

“When I woke up I had a gray just above my bed facing me… I reached out and touched it and it was alive, it was cold and damp,” recalls -he.

“Before I could make a sound, he did something to me and I was paralyzed. Then three or four other smaller, reptilian-looking beings came out of the foot of my bed, grabbed me, and carried me away in a flash of light.”

However, rather than ending up in a UFO, Tony recalls waking up on a table in an underground bunker, where he was informed of the aliens’ plans through telepathic communication.

“They said they wanted my help and they had to check my genetics to see if I was able to carry out their program. It was painful, they did a biopsy, they took cells from the back of my head,” he continued.

After establishing that he was compatible with their quest, Tony claims that the aliens informed him that they wanted to add twenty years to his life so he could undergo training.

And, although initially reluctant, Tony consented to the procedure after being told he could wake up as if his 20-year journey had never happened.

“I consented, they laid me down and did a procedure where a needle went into my eye and I woke up with no memory,” he explained.

After undergoing this time-diversion experience, Tony claimed that he slowly regained his memory of the procedures he had undergone. He then came up with a wild theory about what happened.

“They had put us through a trauma-based mind control program MK Ultra and they were giving us drugs to bring us closer to death…and all the while we were channeling information,” he claimed.

Additionally, Tony recalls being sent on a space mission to Mars and being “traumatized” by sleep deprivation experiments meant to test participants’ abilities.

At the end of his twenty-year training regime, Tony found his human body on the same date and time that he was abducted and he hinted that he had trouble reintegrating into society after his personality change.

“I had no memory of what had just happened, but I felt like I hadn’t been home for twenty years. I got out of bed, looked at my toys on the floor and had no interest in them anymore,” he recalled.

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