An astronaut before dying: “the extraterrestrials came to prevent a war”

Have you heard of Edgar Mitchell? A NASA astronaut, who was also the sixth man to set foot on the Moon during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971.

It was he who piloted the Antares lunar module which brought back 40 kilos of lunar rocks to analyze them on Earth.

After retirement, he founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences for the study of unconventional scientific phenomena such as extraterrestrials.

Michael died at the age of 85 in Florida, USA.

Before he died, Mitchell gave an interview that left the whole world speechless. According to him, extraterrestrials visited Earth during the Cold War era and helped prevent a nuclear war.

“Extraterrestrials were trying to prevent war by helping to create peace on Earth,” astronaut Edgar Mitchell told Britain’s Mirror newspaper.

Astronaut spoke about aliens

According to Mitchell, UFOs were sighted near military bases at the time: “I spoke with several Air Force officers who worked at these bases during the Cold War. »

“They told me that UFOs were seen frequently and that they were able to disable their missiles. »

“Other officers on the Pacific coast reported that their missiles were frequently shot down by extraterrestrial craft,” said the sixth man to set foot on the moon.

But why was this story never revealed? Mitchell explains that the case was covered up by the United States government.

Mitchell clarified that he spoke with several former servicemen of the North American Intelligence Agency, better known as the CIA, and they revealed that Harry Truman, then President of the United States, assembled a committee to study this ufological phenomenon, which concluded that they were indeed extraterrestrials.

Despite these conclusions, it was decided to hide the events. For this, they created a national security law in 1974 to hide the case and the existence of the investigating committee.

According to Mitchell, for fear of losing control and power over knowledge and technology, the government discouraged others from conducting similar investigations.

You can watch the video below with the full interview with astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

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