Strange cloud-shaped UFO spotted over the Moon in 458 Apollo 16 images

Renowned ufologist Scott Waring recovered unusual photographs taken by the Apollo 16 mission in 1972 from the NASA archives.

The researcher discovered these images in 2011, but he became interested in them again and decided to examine them again .

The images clearly show a luminous “energy cloud” changing from a rectangular shape to that of a vessel.

The researcher writes that in the photo the UFO is between the Moon and the lunar module. Waring is sure the astronauts saw this strange object at the time, but kept quiet due to NASA trying to hide the situation from the public.

“It’s easy to reject a photo or even two of a UFO in NASA’s index, but how easy do you think it is to reject 458 consecutive photos? Because that’s the number of photos where this UFO appears. Of those photos, 40 are incredibly detailed,” Waring says.

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