A UAP spotted over North Miami Beach, Florida

This mysterious object appeared in the sky over Miami yesterday at sunset. The eyewitness described it as a giant sperm with several small stars inside. Some will say it’s a SpaceX rocket, but I don’t see any rockets. And you? However, I see a huge teardrop shaped disk in the sky which is semi-transparent and then becomes invisible. There are also a few small lights that come out of it and seem to fall off. I believe these are small transport vessels carrying people to an undersea alien base off the coast of Florida.

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan

The eyewitness states: Coming home from work this evening, I looked up and saw this bright white streak, which at first I took to be a cloud. As it continues to move, the smoke/cloud trail also continued. In the video, you see that it continues to “fly” and the air around it is blown out as if affecting airspace.

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