UFOs filmed during Space Shuttle and Apollo STS missions

Although NASA has commissioned a survey team that will begin in early fall to examine Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) – that is, sightings of events in the sky that cannot be identified such as airplanes or known natural phenomena – and she wants to turn satellites into alien trackers to study unexplained sightings in space, it might be better if she checks her archives first, because Damning evidence is present in footage from, among others, the Space Shuttle and Apollo missions showing UFOs in space and above the lunar surface.

Evidence of the existence of UFOs they’ve been hiding from the public for all these years.

During space shuttle flights (STS missions), many shots were taken by astronauts. Some of these recordings show objects in space that clearly cannot be meteorites, space junk, or electrical storms.

These objects change direction, slow down, make 90 and 180 degree turns before accelerating and disappearing into space. Only UFOs or unknown probes under intelligent control can perform such maneuvers.

During Apollo flights, astronauts also made videos in which UFOs can be seen.

One such example is the footage recorded by the Apollo 11 crew showing a UFO flying just above the surface of the Moon.

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