Since 2008, American commercial pilots have observed more than 60 UFOs

American ufologist-researcher Kyle Worfel has obtained a dossier describing UFO sightings by American commercial pilots over the past 14 years. He was able to do so through a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

A file compiled by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) contained more than 60 UFO sightings between 2008 and 2022. It is stated that some of these cases could simply be private drones launched into the flight area by irresponsible citizens, but others defied logical and rational explanation.

One, reported in July 2020, was “a very large elongated disc or cigar-shaped object, which had no tail or fins and was moving very quickly. This mysterious object was silver-white in color, almost transparent, and made no sound when it moved.

Another UFO was an “unexplained star-like object” that rapidly changed altitude before suddenly entering a hover mode.

It is possible that there were many more such sightings among commercial pilots, but the fact is that not all of them found the courage to report to their superiors the sighting of a strange flying object at the detriment to their reputation.

It is reported that in 2013, when Arizona noticed a mysterious “line of fire” on radar, they contacted the pilot of a nearby aircraft and he confirmed seeing these objects visually. At the same time, the pilot flatly refused to officially report his UFO sighting to anyone.

In some of the cases on the list, the UFOs appear to have deliberately targeted airliners.

“Each year, hundreds of thousands of UAP (UFO) sightings are recorded around the world, and hundreds of thousands more go unrecorded. And last year’s Pentagon report with a preliminary assessment of these objects shows that this problem is real and cannot be ignored,” says Kyle Worfel.

He is convinced that the US government knows exactly what these objects are, but for some reason chose to keep this information secret.

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