Kozyrev’s mirror: the machine to “go back in time”

Nikolai Kozyrev was both admired and reviled for a number of his ideas. Among his most controversial discoveries was his research into what he called TIME…

The famous Russian scientist Nikolai Kozyrev conducted an experiment to prove that it was possible to move from the future to the past.

He backed up his view with assumptions about instantaneous information, which propagates through the physical characteristics of time.

Nikolai Kozyrev conducted an experiment to prove that moving from the future to the past was possible. He even assumed that “time could do work and produce energy”.

Kozyrev unveiled a theory that shocked not only the whole USSR but also the whole world, “time travel is possible through a mirror”.

A mirror, as we know it, is not really an object that simply reflects its surroundings, but an object that distorts light.

That is, if we point a laser at a mirror, the bronze or copper mirror can deflect it in another direction. This function is actually called the curvature of the laser beam and the result is that it goes in another direction.

Nikolai invented a mirror that could bend almost anything. Microwaves, lasers, ultraviolet rays, practically everything, including particles from space.

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…A device never created by man and which has become known throughout the world as the “Mirror of Kozyrev”.

But Nikolai Kozyrev discovered something else: based on the mixture of substances and metals in the mirror, he could determine what he was going to bend. And according to the laws of physics, “you can make a mirror that can bend absolutely anything, including time.”

Nikolai Kozyrev was working on the development of a time-warping mirror at the microscopic level, through which he claimed to be able to see the future 10 seconds before anyone else.

The experiment was a state secret of the USSR

The Russian scientist claimed that if a person entered a capsule whose interior was entirely covered with this type of mirror, the individual’s time would begin to speed up.

Unfortunately, Nikolai Kozyrev died on February 27, 1983 for undisclosed reasons, just before completing the experiment.

No matter how hard his disciples tried to pursue this project, they were never able to move it forward. They have also tried in labs in the United States, but all experiments have so far failed.

Some believe that Nikolai Kozyrev was killed because he had a special talent like Nikola Tesla, or maybe it’s the laws of nature itself, so that man could not advance further than what is permitted to him.

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