A doctor filmed two UFOs above his house in England

Dr Mohamed Salama was taking out his trash when he saw two objects moving erratically in the sky.

The mysterious orbs of light were filmed above the Harborne area of ​​Birmingham around 10.30pm on Sunday evening.

The clip is around 38 seconds long and shows the objects moving rapidly in different directions, going side to side, and one of them going out of frame at high speed.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before,” said Dr Salama. “I don’t think it was an airplane, a drone, a laser or a star due to the speed at which it was moving and the way it maneuvered in different directions. “.

“It was high above the clouds and seemed to be racing towards the horizon in seconds. It was pretty amazing, really. Their brightness was quite remarkable too and that’s something else that made me think it might be a UFO. I never believed it until now. »

“It was such a weird experience and I really think it could be a UFO. »

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