Extraterrestrial beacons: are there extraterrestrial technologies on Earth?

Recent research has revealed that “alien beacons” may exist on Earth, used to monitor the human species.

Lighthouses are objects used for guidance. On Earth, we know them especially on the seas, to guide sailors. But with advances in technology, these items have evolved to help even airplanes in difficult times. It is therefore not surprising that an advanced civilization used similar methods in different solar systems… Is it possible that extraterrestrial lighthouses exist on Earth?

‘Alien beacons’ on Earth

If we ever master space travel, similar objects will have to be used in the systems of friendly systems. Where other human settlements indicate to travelers that they can find shelter there.

These beacons would be much more powerful and advanced, capable of sending signals for miles, but weak enough to go unnoticed on the host planet.

According to this theory, it is possible that there are several extraterrestrial beacons on our planet and that we do not know about them.

This hypothesis is known as “The 3 Lighthouses” and speaks of the “Old Ancestors”, a civilization of the star nations. This set of technologically advanced societies dominates intergalactic travel and is said to have begun an advance through the solar system.

To guide themselves, they placed 3 powerful beacons. The nature of these objects is linked to that of the 3 monoliths described by Arthur C. Clarke in 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Many claim that Clarke knew about this secret information from the US government because he had contacts in the CIA.

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The hypothesis continues in 1969, when the astronauts obtain evidence of the presence of these extraterrestrial beacons. A few years later, they detected the 2 remaining beacons through a gigantic covert operation to bring them to Earth and manipulate their energy.

Prohibited places

Each lighthouse was located in a remote and difficult to access location; one was in Nunavut, Canada. The other in Greenland and the last between Canada and Alaska.

Each lighthouse would be equipped with technology capable of generating powerful electromagnetic fields that could affect the earth. However, with their power directed towards space, the operation managed to use this energy for purposes of disruption and experimentation, creating major problems.

Other governments and institutions then became aware of its existence.

So in 2007, another agency allied itself with the Star Nations, causing an attack that allowed alien beacons to return to space. End their influence on Earth.

This is one of the most interesting theories out there, and while there aren’t many sources on it, there is something very fishy about it. The 3 areas mentioned as being where the lighthouses were housed do not appear in Google Earth, which blocks them with a black rectangle.

This absence is unnatural and may indicate that something is or has happened in these areas. It’s even possible that there is some kind of war going on or that this is where evidence of alien technology is kept.

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