Bill Maher and David Duchovny talk about UFOs

The duo briefly discussed the UFO phenomenon during an interview on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” show .

If there’s anyone who should have at least an interest in UFOs, it’s the man who played Fox Mulder on the iconic ’90s TV series, The X-Files. However, in real life, David Duchovny is rather skeptical and doesn’t share his on-screen counterpart’s beliefs.

This does not prevent him from having his own theories on the subject.

During a recent interview with Bill Maher, he suggested (ironically) that UFOs might contain the alien equivalent of the criminals and misfits who were once dumped in the open sea as part of the “crazy ship” strategy. to deal with undesirable elements of society.

“That might explain their fascination with teeth drilling and anal sounding,” he quipped.

“An alien civilization got tired of their sex offenders and their dentists, and put them on an intergalactic ship, and sometimes they come to us,” he said.

Maher, meanwhile, suggested a potential explanation for why UFOs continue to buzz around US Navy pilots.

“Because they’re the ones they’re looking to attack,” he said. “They see what they can do. »

You can watch the interview below.

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