15 facts about UFOs that will surprise you

The truth is elsewhere.

UFOs are a hotly debated topic, or at least they have become so in a society that is eager to know if we have ever been visited by beings that are not native to Earth.

Countless declassified documents have revealed that governments have closely monitored unidentified aerial phenomena for decades and spent millions of dollars studying the strange lights in the sky.

In this article, we bring you fascinating facts about Unidentified Flying Objects that will immerse you in ufology like never before.

Declassified UFO Documents . Even though governments around the world have ignored or even believed in the study of UFOs, a plethora of recently declassified documents tell a whole different story.

We now know that the US government (for example) has spent millions of dollars studying flying objects that challenge our very understanding of physics.

You can find examples of declassified UFO-related documents here , here , and here .

Official video of pilots chasing a UFO. When it comes to UFOs and little green men, people want proof. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. This video could very well be.

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Not long ago, the US State Department declassified a video recording filmed by a Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter jet . In the video, we see a UFO flying at high speed, much to the chagrin of the pilot.

The video, the best proof . The video above filmed by an F/A-18F Super Hornet is not the only video where a UFO can be seen. In fact, there are a number of videos that challenge our understanding of the subject.

Perhaps one of the best videos is the STS 75 Tether incident .

The Pentagon has studied “exotic UFO technology” . Although space agencies and governments around the world have not acknowledged the existence of UFOs, declassified documents reveal that governments have studied “exotic” technology.

In fact, the Pentagon’s secretive UFO program has conducted several investigations into “alien and futuristic technologies.” This startling fact was revealed in a letter from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to William Lynn III, Deputy Secretary of Defense.

Documents relating to the investigation of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) clearly indicate that the United States conducted secret studies of “technology” that could allow it to exercise increased military control over other nations.

Official documents reveal UFO encounters in Antarctica . Antarctica has been strongly linked to UFO sightings and paranormal phenomena. Countless conspiracy theories see Antarctica as a paranormal hotspot.

And while some conspiracy theories are nothing more than that, there are several eerie details about mysterious encounters that took place in Antarctica.

In 1965, scientists from three different Antarctic research stations reported seeing UFOs in the area. Many official reports have been published on this meeting: two from the FACh (Chilean Air Force) and two others published by the Argentine Navy. The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) also released a report.

Dated October 22, 1965, the letter written by a BAS researcher reads:

On July 12 this year, the British Antarctic Survey base on Deception Island (62° 59′ S, Long. 60° 34′ W) reported the following, which I quote as requested:

“The Argentinian base (on Deception Island) observed moving colored light on June 7, 20 and July 3. The Chilean base (also on Deception Island) made similar observations on the last two dates. A flickering red-green-yellow light seen from UK Base 2300Z on July 2 is heading north; it moved in two waves rapidly from the west then turned around a short distance before returning north again where it remained stationary for about 20 minutes. »

I should clarify that our Antarctic colleagues did not consider the event significant enough to comment until asked. I requested information because of pressure from the BBC, NBC and the press, which acted on the basis of a report published in Argentina.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my distinguished sentiments,

VE Fuchs.

The CIA alone has declassified and released thousands of UFO documents. The fact that government agencies have studied UFOs is no surprise. But the interest taken by certain agencies in the phenomenon of UFOs is quite surprising. The Central Intelligence Agency has declassified thousands of UFO documents to make them public.

According to the CIA Library:

This collection catalogs CIA information on this subject from the 1940s through the early 1990s.

Most of the documents relate to CIA telegrams reporting unsubstantiated UFO sightings in the foreign press and internal agency memos about how it handled public inquiries about UFO sightings. ‘UFOs. For the most up-to-date CIA information on UFOs, see the article “The CIA’s Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90” on the Center for the Study of Intelligence website ( https://www. .cia.gov/library/center-for-the-study-of-intelligence/index.html ). See online publications / “Studies in Intelligence” section, especially semi-annual edition #1, 1997.

UFOs are not a modern phenomenon. On April 14, 1561, residents of present-day Nuremberg witnessed a massive UFO sighting.

The event was so significant that the local newspaper gave the following description of events over the town:

“On the morning of April 14, 1561, at daybreak, between 4 and 5 o’clock, a terrible apparition occurred on the sun, then it was seen in Nuremberg in the city, before the gates, and in the countryside – by many many men and women. First, it appeared in the middle of the sun, two blood-red semicircular arcs, just like the moon in its last quarter. And in the sun, above and below and on both sides, the color was blood, stood a round ball of ferrous color partly dull, partly black. Likewise, on both sides and like a torus around the sun, there were blood-red balls and other balls in large numbers, about three per line and four per square, and also a few singly. Between these globes were seen some blood-red crosses, between which there were blood-red bands, thicker at the back and malleable at the front like reed stalks, which were intertwined, among which were two large stalks, one on the right, the other on the left, and inside the small and large stalks there were three, also four and more globes. These began to fight among themselves, so that the globes which were first in the sun flew away towards those which were on either side; then the globes that were outside the sun, in the small and large rods, flew up into the sun. Also, the globes flew among themselves and fought vehemently for more than an hour. And when the conflict inside and outside the sun was most intense, they got so tired that they all fell, as we said above, of the sun on the earth “as if they were all burning” and then they were consumed on the earth with an immense smoke. After all this, something like a black spear, very long and thick, was seen; the shaft pointed to the east, the point to the west. Whatever the meaning of such signs, only God knows. Although we have seen, soon after, many kinds of signs in heaven, sent to us by Almighty God, to bring us to repentance, we are still, unfortunately, so ungrateful that we despise these great signs and wonders of God. Or we talk about them with derision and throw them to the wind so that God sends us a fearful punishment because of our ingratitude. On the contrary, those who fear God do not reject these signs, but take them to heart as a warning from their merciful Father in heaven, rectify their lives, and faithfully entreat God to turn his wrath upon us, including well-deserved chastisement, that we may temporarily here and perpetually there, live as his children. For this, may God grant us his help, Amen. By Hanns Glaser, letter writer from Nuremberg”. (Source: Colman S. Von Kevicsky, “The Ufo Sighting Over Nuremberg in 1561” Official Ufo January 1976, pp. 36-8, 68. Translation is by Ilse Von Jacobi). God help us, Amen. By Hanns Glaser, letter writer from Nuremberg”. (Source: Colman S. Von Kevicsky, “The Ufo Sighting Over Nuremberg in 1561” Official Ufo January 1976, pp. 36-8, 68. Translation is by Ilse Von Jacobi). God help us, Amen. By Hanns Glaser, letter writer from Nuremberg”. (Source: Colman S. Von Kevicsky, “The Ufo Sighting Over Nuremberg in 1561” Official Ufo January 1976, pp. 36-8, 68. Translation is by Ilse Von Jacobi).

One of the first UFO reports in America . The first “official” mention of unidentified flying objects in North America dates back to 1639. The event took place near the city of Boston. John Winthrop, Governor of the Massachusetts Colony, wrote in his diary that inexplicable lights filled the sky in March of that year. Several people said they had lost track of time.

A UFO in northern Saskatchewan. A declassified document from 1968 describes a mysterious UFO spotted in northern Saskatchewan.

The letter reveals that “examination revealed that the part had probably been part of a vehicle that traveled in space”.

The letter explains how in October 1968, a J. Hodges, regional representative of the Associate Committee on Meteorites of the National Research Council of Canada, was presented with a miniature metallic fragment that had been discovered by an anonymous CDL pilot (Crime Detection Laboratory).

The strange metallic object was discovered in the Wollaston Lake area, about 720 km from Prince Albert, near the Manitoba border.

Winston Churchill wrote about extraterrestrial life . “For my part, I am not impressed with the success of our civilization to the point of thinking that we are the only place in this immense universe that contains living and thinking creatures, or that we are the highest type of mental development and physics that ever appeared in the vast space and time…” – Winston Churchill.

The document, written in 2939 and titled “Are We Alone in the Universe? ( Are We Alone in the Universe? ), accurately predicted the existence of a large number of stars and how they could have a large number of planets.

California is a UFO hotspot . As noted by the National UFO Reporting Center, there have been more UFO sightings in California than in any other state in the United States. What is even more interesting is that it is in Los Angeles that the most UFOs have been observed, especially between 2001 and 2015.

Oh and Los Angeles was home to one of the most famous UFO sightings in history . In February 1942, during the “Battle of LA”, people saw a strange saucer-shaped object above the city. A massive object was detected by radar on the morning of February 25 before quickly disappearing.

The city is plunged into total darkness as air raid sirens begin to sound. Massive searchlights scan the sky for potential threats. Eventually, the anti-aircraft fire started, and in the middle of the “battle”, a photograph of the enigmatic object was taken.

One of the lesser known but nonetheless interesting sightings . On July 19, 1952, air traffic controllers at Washington National Airport spotted on radar the presence of an unidentified flying vehicle traveling at mind-boggling speeds. In the weeks that followed, members of the armed forces and the air force reported seeing strange flashes of light in the sky. The US Air Force held a big press conference to calm the public. And if several explanations have been given, the object spotted on the radar remains a mystery.

The Rendlesham Forest Incident . One of the most mysterious UFO sightings took place in December 1980 when members of the United States Air Force stationed at RAF Woodbridge and Bentwaters reported seeing a mysterious craft in the sky.

According to the allegations, the UFO radiated several different colors. The craft landed, and the soldiers came out to investigate.

They supposedly found the spaceship. The following day, radiation levels at the location where the alleged UFO landed were out of the ordinary, and damaged trees were reported in the area.

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