Massive Flying Saucer Flies Underneath A Plane While Eye Witness Films It

While filming a huge, round and flat, silver metallic Flying Saucer go right underneath the plane that your actually on – isn’t my kind of fun.

In fact, it’s the opposite of what I’d call a fun time! But that’s if ut ever was there because I have a feeling that it’s a really bad fake. The whole video is so strange and it’s got the look and feel of a real UFO sighting (to an extent) but halfway through the video there’s just something about it, it’s the Suns reflection on the Flying Saucer not quite being what it should be? Overall it’s poorly created. That’s not to say that it’s wrong or that it’s hocus pocus but it’s raised many red flags with me.

I’ve seen student’s “just for fun” creative UFO videos and at least they’re actually stated as not being real and part of course work.

The eye witness might not be real…

Okay, let’s all let our imagination run away with itself and let’s dream for a minute or so, that your on a plane and you start filming the magnificent scenery outside your window.

Then all of a sudden a bloody massive Flying Saucer comes out of nowhere. What do you reckon it would do? Would it grandstand like this is doing, like it’s showing off to the pilots or deliberately trying to get the attention of the plane passengers? Would it slow down and match the same speed as the plane or would it simply fly past?

Consider this for a second…

So, even though this is a poor fake, we can still use it as a learning curve for future UFO videos. Let’s turn this hoax, just for fun or whatever it’s been called, into a positive and learn from it. Normally UFOs do not come close to people, they don’t grandstand, they don’t put on a show and they don’t usually want to draw any attention to themselves but this one is going against everything we know about UFOs. Firstly it’s not blurred lol. They’re (UFOs) always evasive, they’re in the shadows and they’re usually so far away from the camera that the photos are usually blurred from the zoom.

So based on that, why are they (UFO passengers) putting on a show now? What have they got to gain from it? Why are they coming so close to the plane? Coupled with the other anomalies I’ve written about this UFO video – like the Suns reflection not being quite perfect, I have to say that it’s only for “fun” as they call it.

If I saw a UFO (Flying Saucer) while looking out of the window of a plane, I’d be like a trapped whirlwind in a bottle! You can guarantee that I’d be on the tannoy literally telling everyone and the mien capitan that there’s Aliens on the starboard bow.

I don’t care, I’d not care one jot how insane I’d probably sound. Because if I saw that UFO and the other people on the same flight saw that exact same Flying Saucer then why can’t we hear them? Why isn’t the camera shaking? It would be about the best kind of captive witnesses that you could ask for.

I’m using this video as a learning resource, so I can point thing’s out for people to use and look out for themselves. Let’s use a negative and turn it into a positive.

It’s a good video, it truly is a good UFO video but no cigar. There’s just something about it that doesn’t sit right. The Suns reflection isn’t quite right so that isn’t allowing me to get excited about it.

It’s times like this I wish I had the CGI skillset to bullet point all the different things that has been manipulated in the video so that you can jot them down and have a bit of on hand help when you’re trying to determine the validity of another UFO video!

Here’s the so-called UFO video:

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