Authentic Image Of A UFO Captured Over Italy in 1979 By Giancarlo Cecconi

This particular incident is considered one of the most credible UFO sightings and photographs, thanks to radars, visual observations, and testimony from Giancarlo Cecconi, a highly respected pilot.

On June 18, 1979, military pilot Giancarlo Cecconi returned to Treviso AFB, Italy, in his G-91R fighter with his G-91R 14 group of the 2nd Air Force Fighter Regiment completing a reconnaissance mission.

Suddenly, the Istrana radar center (TV) recorded the presence of an unauthorized intruder on its radar screens and instructed Cecconi to approach an unidentified aircraft that entered the restricted area.

Luckily, Cecconi had a camera on the plane with unused film, and when he began to fly up to an unidentified object, he turned on his camera. He approached the UFO from a distance of 70-80 meters at a speed of about 300 knots (450-500 km).

Airport ground staff at the same time watched the action through binoculars. Cecconi was then summoned by Treviso’s control tower to warn him that the object was leaving a strange blue trail.

The pilot began to chase the oval object at an altitude of about 2 km, but did not notice the indicated blue trail, however, he noted that the strange object regularly jerks up and down, making a very sharp climb or drop at a time. Cecconi calculated that in one dash, the object overcomes approximately 300 meters of height, while the object could rise to a height of 4 km.

Cecconi flew around this object approximately 7 or 8 times and photographed it each time. As a result, he received 82 frames, in which an incomprehensible intruder was clearly captured.

The visible UFO was stationary relative to the G-91, but the radar center confirmed to Sesconi that it was moving and its course and speed were determined.

Externally, the UFO looked like a matte dark cylindrical object with a small, almost transparent “dome” located on its upper side. The dome was similar in shape to that of a sports car.

Cecconi later said that the UFO he saw was definitely a solid object, not some kind of “cloud” or other atmospheric phenomena because when he came closer to it, it was not affected by his turbulence G-91 fighter.

While Cecconi made another flyby to take the next series of photographs, Istrana’s radar called and reported that the object had suddenly disappeared from their and other radars.

Seconds later, Treviso’s control tower confirmed that the UFO had also disappeared visually. A few minutes later, Cecconi’s plane landed, his films were removed and quickly developed.

The object was at least eight meters long and no more than three meters in diameter, relatively small.

This incident is considered one of the most credible UFO sightings and photographs, thanks to radars, visual observations, and testimony from Cecconi, who was considered a highly respected pilot.

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