This is The Most Goosebump Worthy Alien Interview I Have Ever Seen

Alien interviews don’t come around often. Unless it’s made up in a film or a story you’ve heard from someone who was ex-military. It’s not something that’s a daily occurrence by any means. The rarity of such footage is so rare in fact, that many people will search their entire lives just to see a clip or snippet of an alien on camera. Talking, emoting and having dialog with their human earthlings.

Thanks to Project Blue Book however, we have some declassified video footage for you today that will most certainly give you goosebumps, as any alien on film just might.

This Alien Interview Will Forever Change Your Perspective on Life

The interview you’re about to see was from a captivate alien. These interviews were conducted through project blue book, a secret Government project back in 1964. They were made public online only recently however. On another note, in the interview the alien states it is a time traveler. Could this interview actually be from 2,964? When it makes more sense to have a human in a room with an alien casually questioning him like this? Something to consider while watching the interview.

The name of the extraterrestrial (ET) in this interview was called “EBE-3” and he was said to be imprisoned for 5 days, possibly more, at the time of this interview. We don’t know the validity of these videos, but if you don’t feel some way different after watching them, I’d be shocked.

The Interview Starts Out With: State Planet Origin

EBE-3 states: ‘Earth’

Human: Okay, you’re telling us that you traveled thousands of light years to get here.

EBE-3 states: Yes, I am from earth, from your future. I am from earth. To travel in time is to travel in space.

EBE-3: Offset spacial divergence.

Human: So I take it, aliens took over our future? Right?

EBE-3: No

Human: So you’re human?

EBE-3: An evolutionary descendant.

Human: So what are you doing here now?

EBE-3: Observing, since evidence was destroyed.

Human: How?

EBE-3: Nuclear War.

And then it gets interesting, what do you think this aliens intentions are?

Watch the remainder of this alien interview here:

Part 2 Of The EBE-3 Interview

What did you think of these interviews with EBE-3? Do you think they are real? Did you learn anything from them?

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