Giant Mysterious Cave Found in Antarctica Unearthed By Satellite Images

Antarctica has long been a continent of mystery. It’s not a country, but a continent that is so remote that basically no one lives there. There is an international military that doesn’t allow you to pass a certain point on the continent. In other words, no one knows what’s beyond these military choke points and no one cares to look, unless you want to intentionally deal with the international military, which doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

An expert virtual Archeologist found something quite interesting recently. A massive hole into the earth through a cave via google earth. Many people lean in the direction of this not being a natural cave, but rather a cave that was man-made intentionally to move people or equipment through.

What is the purpose of this giant cave in Antarctica?

There are different theories as to why this cave was created. One theory is that this cave is simply an entrance into the hollow earth. This would allow for ease of access yet far away enough from the public to keep any tourists, adventurers or travelers out of the hollow earth. The international military adds complexity to this equation by keeping people out of this zone. Yet another theory is an ultra-secret military base for purposes that we don’t quite know about.

Additionally, another interesting thing to note is that when fitbit was tracking fitness movement there was a group of people that saw fitbit movement of what was believed to be military movement UNDER the ice in Antarctica. It seems that there is movement under the ice and soldiers using their fitbits tipped the public off.

Take A Look At The Antarctica Cave Entrance on Google Earth

Yet another theory is that this cave is a complex for the Annunaki alien race because of how complex and massive this cave really is, it could make sense. Here’s the strangest part of the story, the cave and visible Antarctica cave is quite literally gone off of Google Earth now, just 6 months after it was released online.

It seems that the discovery was an accident which got on their radar, so they probably closed it, masked it off on the tech side of things or moved the cave entirely. It’s likely that the cave was just wiped off the map digitally as the likelihood of someone getting that far without being confronted by international military is slim to none.

Take a Look at the cave entrance..

There are many perspectives on the cave in Antarctica and what it has been used for. Can this be a natural cave? or a man-made or alien made cave? This cave is large enough to get a military aircraft in it as well as a UFO. Most aircrafts can get into the cave, but now that it’s ‘not there’ where are these crafts flying? Or is it still there? What do you think? Share in the comments below..

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