Unidentified spacecraft debris spotted on surface of the Moon

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured an image of a mystery rocket part on the lunar surface.

The debris, which appears circular in shape, has generated quite a bit of interest on social media recently with some conspiracy theorists claiming that it is evidence of undocumented visits to the Moon or even signs of intelligent extraterrestrials.

Officially, the object in the photograph is believed to be a component from a man-made spacecraft, however specifically which spacecraft and who sent it continues to remain a genuine mystery.

It was originally thought that the debris was from a SpaceX launch, however there is also a chance that it could be from a spacecraft launched by China.

According to reports, the object impacted the lunar surface on March 4th of this year.

NASA maintains that an analysis of the crash site could help to determine the origin of the debris.

“The double crater was unexpected and may indicate that the rocket body had large masses at each end,” the space agency wrote.

“Typically a spent rocket has mass concentrated at the motor end; the rest of the rocket stage mainly consists of an empty fuel tank.”

“Since the origin of the rocket body remains uncertain, the double nature of the crater may indicate its identity.”

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