SpaceX preparing to test its Super Heavy booster stage

The enormous rocket booster has been wheeled out onto the launchpad ahead of a test flight later this summer.

The prototype, which is known as Booster 7, is certainly a sight to behold.

Equipped with 33 Raptor engines, the booster will undergo testing at SpaceX’s Boca Chica facility in Texas before being combined with a Starship second stage for a test flight into orbit.

While Musk has claimed that this flight could take place as early as next month, this date is currently a little dubious and it’s more likely that the launch will happen later in the year.

When the two stages are combined, the rocket will stand at a whopping 394 ft in height.

Its enormous size will make it possible to transport dozens of passengers and large payloads into space and eventually to other worlds such as the Moon and Mars.

While it might seem a bit overkill in the short term, there is no doubt that the ability to haul huge loads into space will prove invaluable once construction of a new space station or lunar outpost begins.

Suffice to say, once this thing launches it should be quite the spectacle.

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