Mysterious ship found in Antarctic ice near UFO crash site

Renowned paranormal researcher Scott Waring was looking at the Google map service on the coast of Antarctica and found an abandoned cargo ship stuck in the ice.

According to the researcher, the ship has been here for several months. He also does not know where it is now, since the map may not have been updated for a long time. Object coordinates: 61°27’24.46″S 55°27’6.79″W.

Waring said that in the picture you can easily see the railing running from the front deck to the back of the ship. Apparently, this is an ordinary cargo ship, and not a military one, the disappearances of which are also possible.

Studying a strange object, the ufologist did not forget about his main interest, for the sake of which he carefully studied the surface of the southern continent.

It turns out, according to Waring, not far from the discovered vessel is the crash site of a UFO, about which, by the way, he made reports last year.

The researcher most likely assumed that there could be a certain connection between the discovered points on the map.

Here you can make many different versions, for example, that the ship moored in these places to study the crash site of a UFO, but for some reason got stuck in the ice of Antarctica. What actually happened there, one can only guess.

On the other hand, paranormal researchers have already paid attention to this object, which, in fact, Waring was seeking, and now it only remains to wait for new data about this mysterious place.

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