Adam And Eve’s Black Stone – The experts have not been able to find records that depict the origin of the stone.

Adam and Eve’s Black Stone or the Black Stone of Mecca is also known as Al-Ḥajar al-Aswad. It is a holy and sacred relic that has been passed down to the generations of Islamic Prophets throughout the years. It is, however, said to be a stone dating back to the time of Adam and Eve. It’s widely believed that they brought it from heaven to the world.

According to the legends, it was pure white back when it came to the world but has grown black due to the sins of the people. The transition of the stone has been reported over the decades. It was initially light in colour and has indeed grown darker over time. Nobody knows why it happened, though.

According to Islamic history, it was set on the wall of Kaaba by the last Prophet (PBUH) in 605 CE, five years before his first revelation. It has remained there ever since. However, it has been broken into multiple fragments. The pilgrims of Kaaba touch it with their hands five times a day; they call it a holy stone. Scientists, however, suggest that it is a meteorite. One of the oldest one to be precise.

The religious authorities and scholars of Saudia Arabia do not allow the geologists and experts to touch it or scientifically test it as it holds a significant value in multiple religions. The stone’s original size is unclear mainly because it has been broken into several pieces over the decades. A few fragments are housed in Kaaba, whereas the rest are in other countries, including Turkey.

As stated above, the stone is attached to the corner of Kaaba. It is said that the last Prophet (PBUH) placed it there with his own hands and it cannot be removed. This is the only reason religious scholars refuse to let anyone check the stone’s authenticity and accuracy.

It is also said that the stone is placed on the east side of Kaaba due to ancient Islamic customs; it faces the rain-bringing east wind, which is known as al-qabul, and the direction from which Canopus rises. Canopus is believed to be the second-brightest star in the night sky. It’s easily visible from the Southern Hemisphere.

The Black Stone was struck and smashed to pieces by a stone fired from a catapult during the Umayyad Caliphate’s attack on Mecca in 683. However, the bits were rejoined by Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr. It was also stolen multiple times in olden days but somehow found its way back to Kaaba.

The experts have not been able to find records that depict the origin of the stone. However, a few ancient studies suggest that the stone is indeed from another planet.

What’s fascinating about this stone is that nobody knows much about it. You won’t be able to find sufficient information about it on the internet. However, it has been extensively talked about in ancient times. The olden manuscripts and scrolls contain its evidence.

We do not know if it is indeed a stone from heaven or not. Moreover, it does not contain any special powers.

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