In India, 10,000-Year-Old Ancient Rock Art Has Been Discovered!

Ancient Indian rock art depicts what appear to be extraterrestrial entities and dates back at least 10,000 years. You might not be impressed by these ET-like representations discovered in Charama, India, but the fact that they are attracting international attention, not just from renegade academics but also from NASA, speaks much.

Experts believe that when the great flood wiped out the old Empire, people in this region were visited by extraterrestrials. Not only are aliens shown in this artwork, but they are also dressed in spacesuits and even portray a UFO.

The Indian Space Research Organisation and the US Space Agency have been enlisted by the Chhattisgarh State Department of Archaeology and Culture to assist in the investigation of the fascinating find. The flying discs, which have three legs and a fanlike antenna, resemble UFOs as represented in current films, according to an Indian archaeologist.

He claims that the rock art paintings are done in natural hues that haven’t faded over time. The bizarrely carved creatures are depicted holding weapon-like devices and lack identifiable features, particularly the nose and mouth. The findings show that following the disastrous deluge predicted in the Bible, people may have seen or imagined aliens from other worlds.

This continues to pique people’s and scholars’ interest today. Isn’t it insane to believe that there were regular visitors to Earth in the distant past? It is nearly implausible for life on our planet today to be the only life that has ever lived here, even in current times. The devastated survivors of the flood saw these people on the ground, in the sky, and wearing protective suits, therefore it’s not out of the realm of possibility that these meetings were the final interactions with the earth’s gods.

The Anunnaki, for example, may have been scouring the world for the last of the Nephilim in an attempt to return the earth and the life that had been kept here to a time before the flood, as predicted in the Noah and the Ark myth.

The gorgeous images also strangely portray kangaroos that aren’t native to India at all, as you are well aware. You have to wonder how this is possible. Could there have been a connection between Australia and India in the distant past? Could all of the world’s territories have been linked before the flood? The more anomalies we come across on this planet, the closer we go to the truth.

The pieces are starting to fall into place, and mankind is gaining a better understanding of our distant past. Who are we and how did we become aware? We’re also looking between the lines, not just for one region of the globe, but for a worldwide civilization that appears to have been in the distant past and was connected in every section of the globe.

What are your thoughts on Indian portrayals of these entities that were allegedly monitoring and scouring the planet after the great flood? Tell us in the comments section.

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