The strange stones with the ability to move, grow, and breed – These are Trovants and can be found only in Romania

Trovants are among the strangest stones on the planet. Romania is the only place where you can find them.

Continuous development, rotation on the surface of the earth, and multiplication are only a few of the odd things trovants can do. The trovants are made up of a hard stone heart and a shell made of sand.

The trovants evolve in an ingenious way after each storm. They ingest minerals from the storm, which are then combined with chemicals found in the stones

The trovants are under strain as a result of this whole operation. The troubadour grows in scale and multiplies as a result of this strange occurrence.

There are also disagreements on whether trovants are living or non-living beings. Since the trovants exhibit both plant and rock characteristics.

More information about these trovants can be found in the video below.

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