The Aztec De.αth Whistle makes one of the scαriest sounds You’ll ever hear

If you ever imagined what it would sound like in hell, I’m sure it would be pretty similar to what the Aztec death whistles sound like.

The shriek of d,eath, a huмคห scream so shrill and unnerving, that the significance behind the horrifying sound has perplexed scholars for years.

And that’s why the question remains, what were these d,eath whistles? And what were they purpose?

It was in Mexico City, while unearthing an ancient Aztec temple, that archaeologists came across the remains of a мคห who was supposed to have been beheaded — a huмคห sacrifice. Beheading aside, what piqued everyone’s interest were the relics hidden inside the skeleton’s hands – whistles that later came to be known as the d,eath Whistles.

It was not until 15 years of their discovery that these instruments were played, or tested. And with that developed several theories to help understand the purpose of them.

The Aztecs were known for their warfare and as legend goes, all the Aztec warriors would carry these d,eath whistles around their necks like a pendant, and right before attacking a tribe or a village they would blow on these whilst hiding in the dense jungle, getting ready for attack.

“Some historians believe that the Aztecs used to sound the d,eath whistle in order to help the deceased journey into the underworld. Tribes are said to have used the terrifying sounds as psychological warfare , to frighten enemies at the start of battle,” explains Oddity Central.

If the whistles were worn around the necks of Aztec warriors and then used to shock their enemies at the beginning of battles, the psychological effect on an enemy of a hundred d,eath whistles screaming in unison might have been great, unhinging and undermining their resolve.

This, of course, invoked fear and hence was used as a means of intimidation. I mean imagine a thousand warriors hiding in the jungle, and then playing the whistle of d,eath, I would undoubtedly put my legs on my back and run.

Some people also believe that these d,eath whistles were used for therapeutic purposes. I know. Hear me out first? They believed that the Aztec’s used the whistles to overcome certain illnesses, meant to create some kind of hypnotic, soothing atmosphere. I guess maybe d,eath whistle ASMR was a thing after all.

Another popular belief related to the purpose of the d,eath whistles is closely linked to the finding of the huмคห sacrifice in Mexico City. Some people believe that it was meant for the мคห who was beheaded to take these whistles with him, blowing through them so that the spirit of the wind could take him through the underworld safely.

Even though their exact purpose still seems to be a mystery, these whistles are now being given their due as works of cultural significance.


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