Secret Key Behind Sphinx’s Ear – Life on Earth Will Change Irrevocably When It Will Be Unlocked

The Sphinx is shrouded in mystery; for example, did you know it is several thousand years older than the pyramids? The Sphinx was regarded as a protector or gatekeeper by the Egyptians. Not according to this Russian child, who claims he lived on Mars before being reborn on Earth.

His parents claim that he was a miracle child since he was able to walk and talk when he was only a few months old, read at the age of two, and hold his head straight even as an infant.

His parents also said that he began discussing other global civilizations without being told about them at the age of seven. He claims that life on Mars ended due to a tremendous struggle and that no one would listen to the youngster! According to him, a few Mars pilots visited Earth and felt a great bond with Egyptians.

The youngster tells us that the Earth will suffer the same destiny unless we unveil the secrets hidden behind the Sphinx’s Ear.


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