How Likely Is It That There Are Parallel Universes And Other Earths?

In fiction and in films such as Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse, parallel universes – also called the multiverse – exist alongside our own, with anything from small differences in events to entirely different rules of physics. It is an exciting and fascinating idea.

Physicists have given the question of whether parallel universes could exist a lot of thought – and have come up with quite a few theories.

Infinite expanse

One popular theory relies on something physicists already know about. The universe is expanding. This means galaxies far from Earth are moving away from us. This process is called cosmic inflation.

What’s more, the further away from Earth you get, the faster the universe is expanding. At some point the universe is expanding too fast for light to ever reach us from some very far away galaxies. This means there is a point in the universe that we cannot see past.

That doesn’t mean there is nothing there, though. There are still more galaxies beyond th