Major astronomy discovery to be announced in two weeks

Astronomers are gearing up to announce something new about our galaxy and it has the potential to be pretty significant.

The findings, which will come courtesy of the European Southern Observatory (ESO), are based on data from the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project which previously produced the first ever image of a black hole back in 2019.

Exactly what will be announced this time remains under wraps for now, however there is definitely reason to get excited – the project has spent years studying the heart of the Milky Way galaxy and whatever scientists have found, it has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of it.

A press conference, which will reportedly present “groundbreaking Milky Way results” with “extensive supporting audiovisual material”, will be live-streamed on May 12th at 15:00 CST.

“The ESO Director General will deliver the opening words,” a briefing about the announcement reads.

“EHT Project Director Huib Jan van Langevelde and EHT Collaboration Board Founding Chair Anton Zensus will also deliver remarks.”

“A panel of EHT researchers will explain the result and answer questions.”

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