Video: One day the Earth stopped spinning

As we all know, currently, the Earth is still rotating continuously around an axis tilted 23.4 degrees with a speed of 1,675 km/h at the equator. This speed is intended to balance with the speed of the atmosphere moving around the Earth.

According to scientists, if the Earth stops rotating, humans could face terrible tragedies including a day that can last 6 months.

About 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth was formed in the universe and always maintains a stable rotational speed. From here, many people are curious if the Earth stops rotating, what will happen.

Before this question, scientists have outlined the scenario that will happen to humanity when the Earth stops rotating. According to the researchers, in the event that the Earth stands still, people will not immediately be swept into space.

At that time, gravity will keep people on the ground. However, some terrible tragedies will happen.

Of these, when the Earth stops orbiting it but continues to orbit around the Sun, a day can last up to 6 months. Similarly, this also happens at night when each night can be as long as half a year.

In addition, in the event that the Earth stops rotating, the daytime temperature will increase sharply and decrease rapidly during the night.

Accordingly, the climate on Earth will have a great change, seriously affecting the lives of people in countries around the world.

Too much temperature difference between day and night will create very strong winds and bring warm air to the cooler part.

Winds also blow from the warm areas of the globe (around the equator) to the two cold polar regions. These winds will be able to create giant swirling winds the size of an entire continent.

In particular, when the Earth stops rotating, dangerous and toxic radiation rays from space will enter the atmosphere. At this time, people will get mass diseases and birds will not be able to migrate as usual because of the loss of navigation.

Finally, the night sky always remains the same and the constellations do not change positions in case the Earth stops rotating. At that time, people will not be able to see interesting astronomical phenomena.

That scenario is the picture of the end of the world. However, all of the above is still just a hypothesis of NASA. It’s almost impossible for the Earth to suddenly stop spinning in the next billions of years.


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