A mysterious woman walking on Mars is stalking NASA’s Curiosity Rover

A new finding has recently been produced that really provoked enthusiasm among Ufologists around the world. An odd image of a very unusual woman looking at the Curiosity rover was taken on the surface of Mars.

Some think it’s a trick of the light, whilst others say it could, after all, be a ghost. Some people said the Martians may not be as different from us, although others think it was a girl from NASA’s rover.

The hypotheses are at this stage practically anywhere because after that no one understands what occurs. It’s just a statue, deceased, or a ghost, we don’t know exactly.

Scott Waring has mentioned that she may still be a person, a statue, or more possibly, a Martian inhabitant. Scott is a great virtual archaeologist who made hundreds of like discoveries by analyzing NASA’s images.

The fact that it’s virtually transparent might justify why on Mars we have no other signs of aliens. If this is so so could Martians really be the ghost? We’re not positive exactly, but we’re reaching a breakthrough ever sooner.

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