NASA to announce mystery Hubble discovery next week

The space agency is expected to announce an intriguing new discovery made using the Hubble Space Telescope.

Hubble has made a lot of new discoveries over its 32 years in operation and even now, despite being more than three decades old, it is still managing to find exciting new things.

According to NASA, the telescope’s latest discovery will be revealed to the public on March 31st at 11am EDT.

As things stand, we don’t know what the discovery could be, however NASA itself has described it as “record-breaking” and suggests that it will open up a whole new area of study.

“Hubble has dazzled humanity for more than three decades with its iconc images of the cosmos,” the press release reads.

“For nearly 32 years, Hubble’s groundbreaking discoveries have rewritten textbooks and reshaped our understanding of the universe. This latest Hubble result not only extends our understanding of the universe, but creates an exciting area of research for Hubble’s future work with NASA’s newly-launched James Webb Space Telescope.”

You can check out the reveal – here.


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